Data & Decisions

Data becomes meaningless if it does not support decision with confidence. Costing to 10-fold the investment in software, data rendered unreliable will drag on an organization'€™s performance. From financials to operations, EIPCI balances data content to each organization, so that it is sustainability at known quality levels.

Human Involvement


Providing professional, technical, and advisory services since  1995, EIPCI approaches each engagement as a partner. We collaborate with leaders to identify, model and implement best solutions for sustained growth, financial controls and operations management. EIPCI uses a multifaceted approach, focusing on what'™s important while avoiding jargon du jour that leads to misplaced priorities. We balance processes, finances, projects, market targets and data, helping clients design and implement a sustainable model in success.

Keys to Our Success

In successful organizations, everything points to everything else. Gaps in process logic suggest waste and inefficiency. Every activity should be part of some consequential process. EIPCI maps processes to ensure that the organization is streamlined and focuses on the important.
People are the lifeblood of the organization. They must be fulfilled in their work and need to be mentored to support ever greater roles of increasing significance. EIPCI helps clients identify the most effective organizational team for a successful workplace, one that generates measurable business results.

Why Hire Us

We are data-driven decision makers, focused on entrepreneurship and excellence in operations, growth and financial sustainability. EIPCI creates and thinks strategically; willing to help transform how organizations operate for improved performance. We see the big picture and act consistently to achieve high value impacts; able to project and decipher measurable outcomes. Above all, EIPCI is focused, uplifting and mentoring others to achieve their highest potential.

Highlighted Proof in Results

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Below are lings to several point papers describing EIPCI's success in innovating transformative solutions in real property, spatial data and business growth.  Click on the links, below.
EIPCI has its roots in managing enterprise portfolios where organizational costs are usually second only to personnel, where decisions are often complex and where the pace of business change consistently places new challenges on buildings and infrastructure. This has led us into many endeavors and, today, we help companies and government agencies across a broad spectrum of missions and requirements. From enterprise-class software to business development to manufacturing and to hospitality, EIPCI has a proven record of delivering success and value.